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New Naruto movie trailer reveals Sasuke as Boruto’s master?!


A shocking new PV for Boruto: Naruto the Movie has turned our expectations for the upcoming movie on their head. The short video gives us a pretty strong hint that the role of Boruto’s master will be taken up by Sasuke, rather than Naruto.

The PV opens with a serious voiceover explaining how Naruto became the 7th Hokage, but this is soon rudely interrupted by Boruto, who splatters his father’s back with pink paint, declaring “who gives a damn about that boring crap, old man! I’m gonna change that generation!”

Next the screen flashes with an image of Boruto followed by the word “hero”, Sasuke and the word “master”, and Sarada with the word “rival”. Finally, Boruto appears on screen, with a final determined line, “there’s no way I’m gonna lose!”.

The PV ends on a pink screen with a message from script writer, director and character designer Kishimoto – “It is not possible for me to draw/write anything superior to this!”

It seems Kishimoto is just as confident as Boruto when it comes to the quality of this new movie.

URL: http://www.boruto-movie.com/